“As a result of rainforest destruction by Procter & Gamble’s suppliers, household brands containing palm oil, such as Head & Shoulders shampoo and Gillette shaving gel, are contributing to climate change, key tropical biodiversity loss and social deprivation,” Greenpeace reports. (

This bodes well for the company’s new product range, tagged ‘hair doesn’t care’.


“32 hectares (80 acres) of ancient woodland will be lost in the first phase of HS2 [the high-speed rail project], that will be constructed along a 140-mile route between London and Birmingham. … [but] more than 10 hectares (25 acres) could be preserved by increasing the length of the planned Chilterns tunnel. … ‘A full-length tunnel bored under the Chilterns to save these national treasures is both desirable and practical.'” (

A spokesperson may have been truncated as saying, “the government considered the proposals for tunnels boring.”


“Levels of nitrogen dioxide, mainly from diesel engines, are ‘excessive’ in many British cities. … The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) said that Britain wasn’t alone in breaching the NO2 limits.” (

It would also like other technically illegal but common practice activities to be taken into account.


I’ve been hiding. I still am. Over the past month there have been 2,500 hits on my post Beeg. My usual hit rate is of course 0. Obviously my post was not what 2,500 folk were after, but what transient nugget of popular culture is it being mistaken for? My internut searches have been fruitless. I’m unable to offer a reward, but I will be gratefully yours, behind the sofa.

20-02 update: I concluded Beeg means filth and deviance. Not even changing the title stopped the hits, so I’ve hidden it. Always a good solution to problems. On with the show.