Fake Snows

There’s an environmental cost attached to maintaining a winter sports season in a snowless environment. … a reliance on fake snow will expand the carbon footprint of ski resorts and strain freshwater sources.


Give the canary in the coal mine a gas mask and keep digging.


Slipped Under the Net

North said the lake was “one of the best park angling lakes for all types of anglers”, and the seal was having a detrimental effect. “To see all this lost due to a seal getting into a lake where it doesn’t belong is ridiculous,” he said. “When I asked about the damage the seal was causing to my stock of fish, I was told that didn’t come into consideration as the seals were a protected species and the fish weren’t.”


The UK government is fast tracking new legislation that will give businesses more legal protection than living creatures.


Critics stress that the time to engage with experts and the public would have been before the company began injecting material into the stratosphere and trying to sell cooling credits—and that it’s likely to face an icy reception from many of those parties now.


An icy reception may be a good climate result.

Rudolph the Blue-eyed Reindeer

Reindeer noses may not glow red, but these creatures of cold climes have evolved the ability to change the color of their eyes to help them thrive in dark, northern winters.


Gold for summer, blue for winter; marvellous adaptation. Except not for those unfortunate individuals who are spending the festive season in the dazzling, noisy bustle of shopping centres.


[Both chimpanzees & gorillas] were relaxed around one another instead of alert to attack. The study also found chimpanzee and gorilla females with young offspring also bonded with each other, as did the whole spectrum of age ranges. Chimpanzees were even seen mimicking the classic gorilla chest beat. Neither species ever made alarm calls when they encountered each other.


If the meek who shall inherit the earth turn out to be non-human apes, that would be a especially ironic for religious dominionism.

Shrink Age

Glaciologists … used to use the word “extreme” to describe annual ice loss of around 2% of a glacier’s overall volume. This year Switzerland’s glaciers have lost an average of 6.2% of their ice


This year’s word is: SuperAlpineFragileMeltyExtremeAnnualIceLoss


Criticism in the US of the oil industry’s obfuscation over the climate crisis is intensifying after internal documents showed companies attempted to distance themselves from agreed climate goals, admitted “gaslighting” the public over purported efforts to go green, and even wished critical activists be infested by bedbugs.


Gas-lighting by fossil fuel companies shouldn’t be a surprise.

German Inefficiency

BASF’s Ludwigshafen site, a 10 sq km industrial complex so sprawling that … Byproducts from making ammonia, for example, are funnelled through a 1,771-mile (2,850km) pipeline network from one end of the site to another


That’s a seriously convoluted pipe, on a 10 sq km site, and given that, at its widest points, Germany is about 533 miles (857 km) from north to south and about 388 miles (625 km) from east to west.

Guardian figures to be taken with a pinch of ammonia salt.