Why Did The Chicken Cross the Pond?

“While European producers must safeguard the security and hygiene of products through the entire food chain, US producers use chemicals such as chlorine dioxide at the end of the production chain to kill pathogens in poultry meat; a measure that the study says is both cost-effective and hazardous.” (http://www.theecologist.org/News/news_analysis/2986876/ttip_the_downfall_of_european_agriculture.html)

Another potential benefit of TTIP: a menu including American delights such as Chlorine Chicken.

Lead Grouse

“On the basis of this sample of 40 Red Grouse, Iceland Foods have been selling grouse meat with average lead levels over 100 times the maximum legal level for other meats (though it is legal for them to sell game meat with such high lead levels).
…those employed on game shooting estates, presumably especially gamekeepers and their families, will have much higher lead-shot game intakes than the average member of the public (several lead-shot game meals a week would be expected) as this is a free or cheap, and readily available, source of meat. They are also likely to consume game meat that is so heavily shot that it cannot be sold as an attractive proposition to the public, which, I surmise, is likely to have even higher lead levels than those identified here.” (http://markavery.info/2016/01/27/lead-week-12-pbweekmia/)

Can anyone remember what it is that lead does to the human body? Could it affect the thing, you know the thing you do… in your head…?

Clawmate Change

“We know emissions cause climate change. Until recently, assigning specific blame – establishing whose fault it is – wasn’t possible. But science is racing towards sure ways to clarify ‘whodunnit’ – and to what extent they did it.” (http://www.theecologist.org/campaigning/2986867/are_fossil_fuel_giants_violating_human_rights_the_philippines_will_decide.html)

The only way to get people’s attention is to make it a reality courtroom gameshow.

Dam Statistics

“Last year the EA blamed a more stringent regime as part of the reason for the poor performance [of water bodies]. The [European] commission has brought in more comprehensive assessments, tougher standards and a one-out-all-out rule which means that, if a water body fails on just one of up to 40 elements, the whole body is categorised as a fail. …
The low compliance rate masks better performance on individual elements. Between 82-88% of all chemical and biological elements are predicted to be at ‘good or better status’ in all river basin districts by 2021.” (http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/jan/15/englands-waters-to-remain-illegally-polluted-beyond-2021)

‘One out, all out’ is too harsh. The fish should be fine if only 12-18% toxic indicators are present. Just like cyanide doesn’t kill you unless all other poisons are present.


“‘I welcome this plan – not because it is perfect, it isn’t – but because it reflects real potential for progress on one of the most deep-rooted conflicts in conservation. We needed action. The prize is that the landowners are now part of the conversation. The test will be if we succeed in getting the hen harrier flying again over upland England. This is progress,’ said Martin Harper, director of the RSPB.” (http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/jan/14/long-awaited-plan-to-save-englands-hen-harrier-gets-green-light)

Potential for progress, is, as Mark Avery succinctly puts it, inaction.

The petition to ban driven grouse shooting has over 30,000 signatures and only a few days left…

Clue in the Name

“In Poole, the area designated for new housing is already at threat from flooding. Plans were approved to build 1,350 new homes on the site of a former power station.” (http://www.theecologist.org/News/news_analysis/2986683/government_planning_thousands_of_new_homes_for_flood_zones.html)

Not so much a brownfield site as a marsh.


“Using a microchip reader, the authorities were able to identify three of the confiscated tortoises as among those stolen in October from a wildlife sanctuary in central Myanmar. This was possible because the stolen tortoises had identification numbers and religious markings on their shell, and microchips embedded in them.” (http://news.mongabay.com/2016/01/facebook-posts-lead-to-arrest-of-two-suspected-tortoise-thieves/)

The tortoise sect has declared slow but delicious revenge upon the poachers.


In England, following government action, “more than 100 ‘license blocks’ – each an area of around 10km by 10km – have been handed over to fracking companies. These companies are now able to begin the process of submitting planning applications for fracking.” (http://www.foe.co.uk/news/large-new-areas-opened-fracking-risk-government)

The plan is to turn large areas previously mined for coal, and already subject to dangerous subsidence, into giant sinkholes. Yorkshire, for example, can then let’t water floood aht throough 2000 perforations. Climate Change flooding problem solved.