Greedier’s Divest

“Investors have a big appetite for the animal protein sector in Asia.”

Ingestors, surely?

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Lamb gelée

“French authorities are looking into how a lamb genetically modified with jellyfish protein was sold as meat to an unknown customer.” (

And which customer had the lamb with the sting in the tail.


“More than a quarter of spending on organic products (27.9%) is in the diary aisles, with yoghurt sales increasing by 13.8% and milk by 2.9% – in stark contrast to the 3% contraction of the non-organic dairy market.” (

If your non-organic dairy’s contracting, that’s hard cheese.

Cosmetic App

“The [genetically modified] apples are identical to their conventional counterparts except the flesh of the fruit will retain a fresh appearance after it is sliced or bruised.” (

Who has an appetite for covering up the bruises of fruit abuse?


“Activists hijack Pepsi’s new product launch on Amazon over deforestation… ‘Pepsi could be a leader in sustainability, could rise above its competitors and do the right thing, but instead it has relied on half measures’.” (

A full measure of your finest unsustainable palm oil, and make it sparkly!


“Corporate food and agriculture interests put $36 million into anti-[GM]-labeling campaigns in the two [US] states. … Backers of labeling mustered only $8 million in Oregon and $895,000 in Colorado to campaign for passage.” (

Genetically modified mustard labels don’t cut it.


“The aggressive buying practices of some of the big supermarkets have got even worse … and … their current price wars are exposing the UK to further food crime.” (

I find that highly unmilkly.


“Food businesses producing more than 50kg of food waste each week must present it for separate collection, unless they are in a rural area.” (

This ties in with the new year Zero Waist Scotland policy.